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        General Practice Claims

        The Specter Partnership group of solicitors has dealt with a number of cases where patients have had concerns regarding the treatment and care provided by their General Practitioner (GP).

        These concerns often have a huge impact on individuals as they place their trust in their GPs many of whom they have built up a relationship of trust and confidence. GP

        However, due to the increase in pressure on GP services, GPs occasionally struggle to provide patients with the time they deserve. Occasionally, things are missed and these have devastating consequences for the individual.

        If you feel like your health has been compromised because of inadequate care, you may be able to bring a claim against your GP.

        • Delayed treatment or failure to treat
        • Incorrect treatment
        • Failure to refer to a specialist
        • Wrong diagnosis
        • Failing to diagnose meningitis
        • Failing to refer a patient for cancer investigations
        • Prescribing incorrect medication
        • Failing to diagnose angina which can lead to cardiac arrest.

        We appreciate that considering a GP claim may be a difficult decision to make, particularly when you wish to continue using the same GP practice. However, your GP does not have the right to refuse to treat you simply because you have brought a GP claim.

        Alternative arrangements can be made by attending another GP at the same practice. You may even wish to consider changing your GP practice.

        How We Can Help

        If you or a loved one have been let down, TSP can help you to seek financial compensation.

        Our experienced team will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your compensation claim.

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