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        Breast Augmentation Claims

        Sufferers may experience:

        • Bleeding into the tissues causing pain and discomfort.
        • Haematoma as a result of the bleeding.
        • Infection which can cause wound breakdown and poor scarring.
        • Implants can be visible through the skin.
        • Nipple sensation can be reduced or lost.

        If you feel you have received negligent surgical or medical treatment, there are standards and regulations in place. You may feel that as you undertook the surgery out of choice, you simply have to accept the outcome.

        This is not the case. If you have suffered pain, discomfort or any of the symptoms listed above because of cosmetic surgery negligence, you have a right to make a compensation claim.

        You can make a claim for pain and suffering as a result of any negligent treatment, as well as claiming for the costs of any further revision treatment.

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        How We Can Help

        If your breast implant or augmentation surgery has gone wrong, we understand that this can be a distressing time for you. If this has been the result of breast augmentation negligence, the Specter Partnership can help you claim the compensation you deserve, as well as advise you on how to go about getting revision surgery.

        Our experienced team will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your cosmetic surgery compensation claim.

        We offer a no charge confidential consultation, following which we will assess your claim.

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