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        Medical Negligence Posts

        Private Ambulance Negligence

        Medical negligence can come in many forms and although the majority of medical professionals will strive to avoid it it can and does still happen, including in the care of private ambulance services.

        Consent In Cosmetic Surgery

        New guidelines for cosmetic surgery have a notable focus on getting a patient’s consent prior to any procedure. They cease to recognize the doctor knows best culture of old, whilst the ‘sign on the dotted line and we’ll begin’ approach will no longer suffice. Getting a patient’s consent to a procedure is now a lengthy process, with numerous hurdles to overcome. Failure to do so is negligent and can see patients awarded substantial levels of damages.

        Delay In Cancer Diagnosis

        According to Cancer Research UK, around 309,500 people in the UK were diagnosed with cancer in 2008. This is roughly 850 people every single day. Every day in 2009 more than 425 people died due to cancer. One person every four minutes.

        Case Study: Removal of ovaries

        Mrs D, a 42 year old woman, had been suffering from chronic menorrhagia - painful heavy bleeding during menstruation - for a number of years. In 2010 she underwent an MRI of her uterus and cervix, which showed an intramural fibroid - a noncancerous benign tumour - growing in her uterus. Both ovaries however were of normal size and morphology.

        Medical Negligence: Gastric Band Surgery

        Gastric Band surgery is one of the most popular forms of weight loss treatment in the UK, with a staggering 530% rise in 6 years according to a study from 2012, which indicates figures have only continued to increase through to 2016.

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