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        Medical Negligence Posts

        "God complex" breast surgeon needlessly harmed patients

        A breast surgeon has been found guilty of intentionally wounding patients with “completely unnecessary” operations and procedures.

        Ian Paterson, 59, is described as having carried out “extensive, life-changing operations for no medically justifiable reason”.

        What to do if you're not receiving proper care

        What can you do if you or a love one aren’t getting the care they need from medical professionals?

        If you feel that your needs aren’t being met, you have a right to challenge the decisions of those responsible for your care.

        NHS Bed Delay Led To Patients Death

        A woman in need of specialist surgery for a brain haemorrhage died after a delay in trying to find her an intensive care bed.

        Mary Muldowney, 57, was admitted to East Surrey Hospital with a suspected bleeding on the brain. Scans showed heavy bleeds and doctors ordered an immediate transfer to a neurosurgical unit.

        Woman dies from brain tumor after being misdiagnosed 14 times

        A woman died from an undiagnosed brain tumour after visiting the doctor 14 times to be told her pain was just migraines.

        Stephanie Dickson, 24 from Edinburgh, had been suffering from a sore neck, headaches and dizziness for about 9 months.

        Girl born with brain damage receives £7.5m compensation

        A girl who was born at Poole Hospital in 2008 and suffered “near total” oxygen starvation to her brain is set to receive nearly £7.5m in compensation due to clinical negligence.

        The girl, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, will now have difficulties in communicating and be physically disabled for the rest of her life.

        Girl born 'apparently lifeless' to get £3m compensation from NHS

        A little girl who was born ‘apparently lifeless’ at a Gwent hospital is set to receive over £3million in compensation due to medical negligence.

        Medics fought to resuscitate the baby at the Caerphilly hospital however she had suffered catastrophic oxygen starvation and brain damage.

        Woman Killed By Cervical Cancer Asked For Tests

        A woman who died of cervical cancer had repeatedly asked for tests to diagnose the disease, her brother has said.

        Amber Cliff, 25, first asked for smears when she was 21 because she was worried about bleeding and pains she was experiencing in her stomach, but was told she wasn’t old enough.

        CASE STUDY: Mrs O's Dental Negligence

        Mr O attended his dentist of many years for a routine check up in December 2010. He was informed that his LL5 tooth had a significant carie and would require a filling. Thinking nothing of it, he agreed to the procedure which was performed the same day.

        Increasing Concerns regarding Long Delays for Hospital Beds

        It has been recently reported that hospitals are currently facing long delays for hospital beds for patients that are admitted as an emergency.

        Statistics reveal that nearly 475,000 patients waited for more than four hours for a bed in 2015-2016. This shows a large increase since 2010-2011.

        Delayed diagnosis and the role of the ‘Litigation Friend’

        It is a sad fact of life that accidents happen. This is especially true when we are children running and playing with our friends in the playground. However, when injuries go beyond scraped knees and bruised egos, we rely on health professionals to manage those injuries professionally and effectively.

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